6-in-1 Stroller Trike

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The Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller Tricycle combines two toddler necessities with elegance and function. It’s designed with exact replicas of the Bentley Continental GT Speed wheels and is available in the same colors with cross-stitched seats to complete the look. 6 configurations means you start out in stroller mode with a parent in control, and end up with a functional and stylish tricycle for independent big-kid fun!

We think this would make an excellent gift for the active toddler in your life!

Stage 1: 6 months and up

  • Two angles of adjustable back support
  • Adjustable and removable parent push handle
  • Seat can be turned 180 degrees
  • Additional footrests help kiddos just learning to pedal

Stage 2: 18 months and up

  • Additional footrests are removed
  • Pedals can be folded up or put into freewheel function (so they can pedal without moving the trike)
  • Canopy can be removed for maximum visibility

Stage 3: 24-36 months

  • Remove the parent handle, footrests, and safety guard to allow children to pedal by themselves

Stage 4: 36 months and up

  • Remove safety belts, back support, and storage basket for independent big-kid fun!