Donkey 3 Mono Stroller

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A kid (or two), check. Huge load of shopping, check. Everyone on board, and most importantly happy, check. Much of parenthood is about being prepared for all eventualities. And the bigger the family, the bigger the stroller (usually) in order to do that. But there is a stroller that takes everything you need on board, and is still small enough to fit easily into your family life, your apartment, and also through standard doorways – the Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono. Plus, when it’s time, it converts easily into the Bugaboo Donkey 3 Duo which makes it great for your growing family.

And when you need to, easily convert your Bugaboo Donkey3 Mono into the Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo or Twin in just a few clicks. Add the Bugaboo wheeled board on the back for a toddler, and it takes 3 kids and all of your shopping at once.

Smaller than you think

The Bugaboo Donkey3 Mono with side basket is only 60 cm wide, and the Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo is only 74 cm which means that both are smaller than you think. They’re narrow enough to maneuver easily through standard doorways while still carrying everything you need.

Lightest drive/push, with extra stability designed-in

As with all Bugaboo strollers, there is the extra technology to ensure it’s the lightest drive, even when handling the weight of all your kids (and your shopping). One-hand push while you drive makes navigating city streets easy, keeping one hand free for everything else, and a really small turning circle allows you to get back to pick up that lost sock in an instant. The Bugaboo Donkey3 Mono and Duo have a much more stable center of gravity for those quick turns due to the single or dual side by side carriage design. Large, lighter foam, puncture-proof Bugaboo wheels make the driving experience even more enjoyable.

Fits everything you need and more

The Bugaboo Donkey3 has been designed to have built-in XXL storage capacity in two basket areas. The Mono has a handy 10 kg capacity side luggage basket that keeps everything organized and within easy reach while you’re strolling, and a large 10 kg capacity underseat basket. When converted, the Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo has the 10 kg underseat basket. And the usual Bugaboo quality, durable materials holds 2 x 22 kg in the seats when facing the world, perfect for your growing children.

What’s Included:

● Chassis

● Grips

● Rain cover

● Seat fabric, bassinet, & side luggage basket

● Under basket

● Sun canopy

What’s New:

● New sun canopy with peek-a-boo & breezy panel in one

● Lighter & new wheel design

● Updated side luggage basket design

● New rotating carry handle

● New handlebar grips & wheel caps (pre-assembled)

● New top handlebar design

● Updated bassinet with 2 extra pockets

● Refreshed aesthetics for cleaner look


● Suitable from birth to toddler—comes with a bassinet and a seat

● Comfortable reversible and reclinable seat

● Height-adjustable handlebar

● Easy to push and maneuver with one hand

Size & Weight:

● Width (single stroller mode): 60cm/23.6 inches

● Width (double stroller mode): 74cm/29 inches

● Stroller weight with seat: 13 kg/28 lbs

● One-piece fold: 52 x 60 x 93 cm (35.8 x 23.6 x 36.6 inches)

● Compact fold: 91 x 60 x 24 cm (35.8 x 23.6 x 9.4 inches)

● Front wheel dimensions: 25 cm/10 inches

● Rear wheel dimensions: 30 cm/12 inches


● Each seat can hold up to 22 kg/48 lbs

● Underseat basket capacity: 28 liters

● Side luggage basket capacity: 18 liters


● Compatible with the following car seats: Chicco Keyfit, Cybex Aton M and Cloud Series, Clek Liing, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna PipaPipa RXPipa LitePipa LIte LXPipa Lite r

Fabrics & Care:

● Sun canopy: 100% polyester

● Seat and bassinet:100% polyester

● Sun canopy fabric: water-repellent, with UPF 50+ sun protection rate

● The bassinet, seat and sun canopy fabrics are machine washable at 30°C/86°F (detailed instructions in the product label)