Comfort U Maternity Body Pillow

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This three-piece pillow supports your little dreamer from your pregnancy to preschool. It's a fantastic side-sleep aid for expecting mommies, which is the gynecologist-recommended sleep position for prenatal health but often uncomfortable for moms. The Comfort U Maternity Body Pillow's 3-piece design extends its usefulness well beyond pregnancy. The curved U-shaped pillow ie perfect for nursing and cuddling with baby, while the two bolster pieces can be used as body pillows or in your toddler's bed for extra security. This pillow is the perfect gift for an expecting parent! We recommend having a back-up pillowcase around - Check out the Moonlight Slumber Comfort U Maternity Body Pillowcases!


  • Perfect for expecting mothers and side-sleepers
  • Includes white cotton pillow case
  • Three pieces: 1 U-shaped pillow, 2 bolsters
  • All pieces fit into a standard washer and dryer and are guaranteed to never clump